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web-banner-1Bannerboy Productions was formed in 2008 by Irish writer / director and  actor,  Ger Considine. Ger earned an Engineering Degree  from NUI, Galway and continued to work in the Engineering and IT field for a number of years. His Education  included a Diploma in Digital Video Production and Post-Production from the Dublin Business School. Recent training included modules on Creativity in the Classroom using Digital Media and he completed a Filmbase Scriptwriting course in 2015. For over 20 years hhas worked extensively in film, TV and theatre .  He continues to produce, edit and direct with his company, Bannerboy Productions.

More information on Ger can be found at his performance site

With over ten year’s experience in Media and online video production, Bannerboy’s skill-sets cover overall production management,  producing and directing. Their projects have included Marketing Brief creation, Final Cut, Premiere Pro studio Editing and copy writing. The Editor is an Adobe-accredited Dreamweaver Web Designer with hands-on experience of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator design packages.

Bannerboy Productions has mostly worked on low budget projects with smaller production environments . Their project content is mostly of rural-Irish nature. They have hosted workshops to help business-people promote their business online.

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